Brexit for EU Customers

Brexit FAQs for European Union Customers

If you are a customer in the European Union who is wondering what Brexit means for your Bela orders then this FAQ should answer your questions.

What does Brexit mean for Bela?

With a deeply European team we are saddened by the UK leaving the EU. That said, we will do everything in our power to not let Brexit negatively impact our EU customers.


Will I have to pay VAT when I order from Bela?

No, as the UK has now left the EU single market our EU customers will no longer have to pay VAT on their orders from the Bela shop. Make sure you are using our EU only shop at


Will I have to pay customs charges and VAT when I receive my Bela order?

Yes, as the UK has now left the EU single market when your parcel arrives in the EU it is classified as an import and so customs charges and VAT will be due.

This will be similar to receiving a parcel from the USA or other countries outside the EU single market.

You should expect something similar to the following: 

VAT: typically 20% but varies slightly country to country

Handling Costs: this depends on the courier and is basically the administrative fee for charging for the VAT and duties.


Does that mean the price of my order has increased?

No, in order to keep overall prices more or less the same for our EU customers we have created a new online shop: This shop is only available for purchases which will ship to an EU country. The price of the items on this shop are all without VAT so our EU customers will not see an overall price increase.


Is there any way I can avoid paying VAT?

No, we are legally required to include a commercial invoice with all shipments leaving the UK. We will never falsely report the value or contents of a shipment.

Business customers can reclaim VAT on their UK imports in the same way as imports from other non-EU countries.


Are there any options for buying Bela products from within the EU?

Currently our online shop is the main and exclusive retailer of Bela products. All items ship from London, UK. We do have some EU resellers of our Trill touch sensors. For a full list visit our distributors page. 

If you would like to see Bela products stocked in your favourite local electronics shop then please reach out to them.


I am a business with an EU VAT number, do I still need to contact you for VAT-free orders?

No. We no longer charge VAT on any orders shipping to the EU, regardless of whether your business is registered for VAT or not. We don’t need your VAT number.


Do Bela still sell wholesale to EU companies and institutions?

Yes, we definitely do. Please get in touch with us at if you are ordering a large quantity of items for your business or institution.