Multiplexer Capelet

The Multiplexer Capelet allows you to expand your 8 analog inputs up to a massive 64! Just add the Multiplexer Capelet to your Bela unit, and enable it in the Settlings tab of Bela's browser-based IDE. 

The Multiplexer Capelet includes two ribbon cables, as well as 2 breakout boards for connecting the analog output channels to your breadboard.

Important notes:

Expanding your inputs will lower your analog sample rate. When using the Multiplexer Capelet with 64 channels the sample rate is 2.75kHz per channel (22.05kHz / 8). Sample rates can be increased by using fewer channels (such as 32 channels at 5.5kHz, or 16 channels at 11kHz). You can adjust these settings in the Bela IDE.

Please note: the multiplexer capelet only works in conjunction with a Bela cape.

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