Trill Flex

Trill sensors are now also available for purchase from Mouser. We greatly appreciate every direct sale made through our shop, but please note that Mouser may be the faster option if you can't wait to get your sensors.

Trill Flex allows you to bring flexible sensing to your interactive projects.

There are two parts to Trill Flex: the base (where you'll find the Trill chip and a high-density connector) and the flexible sensor (made from flex PCB). Trill Flex's flexible sensor easily conforms to curves, bends, corners and more, giving you the freedom to create projects with touch surfaces that are virtually any shape.

The flexible sensor is detachable, meaning that you can swap it out for a flexible sensor that you created. You can find the editable plans for the Trill Flex sensor on our Github - just download and edit them. See our guide on designing your own flexible sensors for tips and tricks. When you're ready to get them manufactured you can use the promotional code that will be emailed with your order for a $20 discount from OSH Park

Trill Flex comes with a flexible single-axis bar sensor that detects multiple touches. Trill Flex uses a QWIIC connector to connect to your Bela system, breadboard or microcontroller. A QWIIC-to-pin cable is included, so snap the base to the sensor, plug it in, and start prototyping your new flexible project! 

About Trill

Trill is a family of touch sensors that launched on Kickstarter in 2019. Inspired by the way we use our hands to interact with the world, Trill sensors use capacitive touch technology to make it easy to add high-resolution, natural touch interaction to your interactive projects. Find out everything you need to know about using Trill at

Trill was designed for Bela but is compatible with any platform that supports I2C communication, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy and more. Every Bela and Bela Mini system ships with a Trill library as well as lots of examples (including visualisations using our GUI integration). Libraries and examples for other platforms are available on our Github repo.

Manufacturers - please contact us for wholesale pricing and custom designs.

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